Welcome to Poet of the Star

Owned by Keiran Trembath,
Poet of the Star aims to bring creativity and spirituality to both the light and the darkness.

Poet of the Star offers Psychic Readings, Creative/Spiritual Advisory and Courses, and Informative Blog Posts, Photographs, Podcasts, and Vlogs!

Advisory Sessions, Courses, and Psychic Readings are available Online.

To book an in-person service or workshop, please contact Poet of the Star at poetofthestar@gmail.com.

Opening Hours for Poet of the Star

In-Person Readings

Wednesday – Saturday

10:00am to 03:00pm AWST
(Perth, WA)

Online Readings and Poet of the Stars Contact Hours

Tuesday – Saturday

9:00am to 04:00pm AWST
(Perth, WA)

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Why Book a Psychic Reading or Advisory Session with Keiran?

Through experiencing many hard times and many incredible experiences, I have devoted my life to helping others understand what is happening around them and how to express themselves and set boundaries.
I will help others on their healing journey through both spiritual and creative practices, and will help clients navigate any spiritual or creative slumps!
I know what it is like to want to express yourself truthfully and being unsure about how to achieve this because of fears, anxieties, and negative influences from those around you trying to squash your dreams or hinder your growth!

Everyone deserves to have their creativity and spirituality balanced and completely tailored to you without negative input or control, and I hope to help others be their true self by using my skills, knowledge, and neurodivergent approach to help support your journey into the future you!

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Booking a Psychic Reading and/or Advisory Session

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