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Daily Reading for 18th May 2023

Today you are trying to figure out who you are, in the grand scheme of things.
You thought you belonged behind a desk or looking a certain way, or doing something controlled because society told you that was the only way to be.
Now you’ve opened your eyes. Though the question remains – who are you?
We are shaped and changed by those around us and despite the belief that no one ever sets out to harm another, those closest to us tend to be the ones who throw the first stone. This leaves us at a block, trying to find out who we are.
The only way you can figure that out is listen. Listen to yourself. Listen to the things you enjoy. Listen to the voice telling you to see a funny film, or telling you to go wander, or even the voice telling you to sip water.
Trust yourself and listen.
Family can influence us but we can decide to stop them from having that power. Fear of loss or loneliness can stop you from boundaries – just remember if family is harming you, would you want to choose them yourself?

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