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Introduction to Hearth Magick!

Hearth Magick is the mixed practice of Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Spirit Magick to create a safe space within your home and yourself!

Hearth Magick includes the use of herbs in cooking and mixology, inner and outer body healing, home making, and routines – essentially turning things that are mundane into your spiritual power and vice versa!

By utilising the Magicks all around us, we create a safe space and allow ourselves to heal and help others along the way as we all work on healing our hearts and our inner and outer homes!

The downside of Hearth Magick is that some may use it to harm others, sending monitoring spirits to their home, hiding someone’s home or business from another, Hearth as Beauty/Glamour Magick to make others appear to be you, and even cursing another persons houses.

This can present itself as the energy of a home feeling negative, a sense of feeling lost, stove tops malfunctioning, kettles not working, electrical mishaps, people not finding your business online and in-person, people telling you they’ve seen someone who looks like you, someone stealing your identity for their own gain, and even sending monitoring spirits to name a few!

And remember that all those who use Hearth Magicks for negativity bring about their karma in the exact way that they pushed it into another!

For if you curse someone’s inner and outer home, prepare for the same treatment x10, and your Hearth spells bring only positivity now.

This also extends to trying to harm and control another persons relationship, familiars, guides, pets, and vehicles as all spells done to them return to you and yours.

Some examples

Someone who has cursed someone’s home and business for their own selfish gain will be revealed and all negativity is sent back to the ones who tried to harm another.

Someone who has continuously stolen someone’s identity and masqueraded as them of their own free will for negative reasons are revealed and dealt with by mundane Justice.

Also avoid bringing Hearth deities into your spells when you’re causing harm as this also builds karma for you as Hearth deities do not mess around.

And as always, As Above, So Below!

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