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Introduction to Human Design Charts

While Astrology allows us to understand our personal cycles and the influences/expectations ahead, the human design chart is said to do so much more!

By using the same information you use for your natal/birth chart (place, time, and date of birth) you can see what type of manifestor/generator you are and which of the senses you are more connected to – among other things!

Knowing what type of manifestor/generator you are and what senses you are more connected with helps you to understand how to properly nurture your inner world and outer world – and will allow you to dig deeper to explore your life path!

With everything in spirituality, only give your charts to someone who you trust as others may use your charts to control or manipulate you.

And as always with both light and dark spirituality and balancing the shadows of karma, those who use the personal natal charts or human design charts of others to do harm will receive karma when justice balances the scales.

It’s also important to note that once someone’s chart is being used to harm them in any way including controlling/altering their intentions or manifestations, hindering their type of manifestor/generator type, negativity attacking their senses or even their Chiron, the universe will right all wrongs by equalising the score, as no outside influences/inner world alterations, chart manipulation, or Chiron manipulation will work anymore for those who harm through charts – and spirituality.

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