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Introduction to Jewellery Magick

Jewellery Magick is known by a variety of different practices.
Today I will briefly discuss this practice and will post a blog post for further reading!

One of the most obvious types of jewellery making as a practice is Jewellery making itself!

Jewellery making is a practice which lends to the idea of manipulating and alchemising raw materials into a specific shape or size – and some jewellers even add Quartz crystals to it like in watches.

By doing so, you can add crystals to rings for protection, healing, and can even engrave/design the jewellery based on digits, sigils, or symbols – depending on what you want to bring towards you or another person.

Think back to centuries ago when smiths would work on swords, rings, chainmail to create items for protection and victory – this practice also lends itself to jewellery making as both manipulate natural or man-made materials into something else – alchemy!

The ability to use the natural elements of the world and turn them into something else, and that includes the Ether and Spirit.

Jewellery making uses alchemy by using earthly materials, carving them with intent or burning them to shape them, solidifying them by using water to cool them, and then letting them dry and set using the air!

Another practice which involves Jewellery Magick is carving sigils and intention into rings or dogtags.

This also depends on the digit, name, sigil, message etc. that you want to portray!

Jewellery is also a great way to remember others and to tie others to you through words or shapes!
By using a chain or a ring, we can connect ourselves to others and entwine their life with our own!
And while these practices seem amazing and include a lot of incredible knowledge (Intuition + Logic or Art + Science), there is also the down side to that.

And this includes using this magick to alter someone’s life path by tying them to you or saying words over someone’s jewellery or relationship to unbind them.

Some signs that someone has used Jewellery to curse you is colour alteration of skin or the jewellery, chains or necklaces breaking, throwing away jewellery, and losing jewellery.

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