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Introduction to Magickal Traps!

Magickal Traps is an interesting practice!
It involves the process of placing something like a sign, table, or a mat in or on the floor or doorway of a room where someone steps on, walks over, past it, through it or near it!

Generally it is activated by energy or intent from the practitioner.

This practice is used to bring more wealth to the practitioner, to bring healing and luck, and to bring loss of wealth and pain to another.

When used in a positive manner, the practitioner and the person who interacts with the item or object both have an equal balance of prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

When the magickal traps are used to transmute energy from another in a negative way and to cause distortion of memory or loss of wealth, pain, sadness, mental harm, or other ego based negativity on another out of jealousy or just ego, the Magickal Trap gives the option to release the spell or curse only once until Spirit returns the negative magick back to the caster and nothing can remove what must be returned.

And from then on, all Magickal Traps casted by the practitioner only bring good luck, prosperity, abundance, and harmony to all around who were harmed by the trap and the practitioner loses all abilities.
The only way to stop the karma is until the practitioner returns all they have taken and more.

As once you lay a trap down, you need to decide if it’s good for your soul or if it’s going to lead to your destruction once Justice is here.

And as with all Magicks and the rule of karma once the person who was harmed realises they were harmed by others through magickal traps as spirit will tell the person the truth, spirit will remove all control the practitioners tried to have over the person forever.

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