Introduction to Music Magick!

Music Magick is included under the umbrella of Air Magick!

It is the practice of balancing and utilising the Frequencies within Music to manifest and balance your body and the world around you as the body is influenced by certain frequencies!

Music magick also connects with chakra cleansing and balancing, and can help the body heal and replenish after an intense or physically demanding day!

Music Magick can create a healing atmosphere which leads you to heal, meditate, dance, sing, laugh, and feed your inner child!

The gift of music is one that should always be used for good and not to harm or hurt another!

And this leads us to the down side of music magick.
Some music magick practitioners use magick to control another, upset the frequencies of another, and even alter the emotional responses of others – which is why it is also very important to be careful about the music you listen to when you are upset and happy as this can alter and dictate your mood!

Trust your body when it comes to what music taste you divulge in as this can have interesting influences on your mental and physical well-being.

And remember: karma will remove all negative actions and emotions that you use to harm others once they realise the harm, and then karma will return the energy by unbalancing your connection to music magick.

And as always: As Above, So Below!

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