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Introduction to Water Magick!

Water Magick is the practice of utilising the many aspects of water to create and manifest for yourself and others!
Some practitioners even look to water magick as a way to nurture and heal themselves and create inner harmony for their spirit and body!
Water Magick can include making Moon Water, Bathing, Essential Oils, Making Sprays or Mists, Drinking Water, and also balancing your memories and psyche – as Water is one of the Elements that connects to our memories!
This theory is supported by researchers who found that the human body has the ability to heal and bring forth memories when we speak into water and drink it!
Some individuals swear that when they speak positive thoughts into water, they feel better when they drink it and their body feels rejuvenated!
While Water Magick can bring us incredible healing abilities, help us Manifest and Set intentions with Moon Water, and help us remind ourselves who we are, there is also a down side.
Some individuals may use water to control others – such as speaking over someone’s water or drink before they consume it to transmute their energy or cause them to feel sick.
And you should not drink water or food at a table where gossiping and lying is taking place as this is believed to have very harmful side effects – as spirit and water is always listening.
Which is exactly why it is important to know exactly who you are accepting drinks or food items from or what has been said around you when you’re sitting at a table with a group, as you never know who’s trying to heal you or harm you, or transmute energy from you.
And as always – As Above, So Below: What you send to others, comes right back to you and if you’re using water for negativity, spirit transmutes it all back to who you took it from and makes it known what you did to them.

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