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Kamoʻoalewa – which is a Hawaiian word that scholars are saying means ‘wobbling object’, ‘freelance’ and ‘A Moving Celestial Object’ – is the name for the Quasi-Moon or Quasi-Satellite which was found in 2016.

As normal Quasi-Satellites just sit and normally have a gravitational pull to one planet, Kamoʻoalewa seems to orbit the Earth AND is influenced by the gravitational and electromagnetic pull of the Sun and Moon!

Up until 2021, The possible lunar origin of the Quasi-Moon wasn’t known until a Graduate paper from the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona found out more about this Quasi-Moon!

Ben Sharkey, Audrey Thirouin, and Vishnu Reddy found that the Quasi-Moon has similar aspects to an asteroid and it is also similar to our Moon – meaning this Quasi-Moon is a piece of our Moon that has been knocked off by asteroids and space debris hitting the Moon!

And instead of floating around like other asteroids or debris, this Quasi-Moon found its own gravitational pull between the Sun and the Earth!

Because of how the Quasi-Moon moves, it is believed that it will do a little dance with the Sun and Earth for the next 300 years until it gets pulled out of the gravitational field and continues on its way!

With this new understanding, it makes me wonder how this Quasi-Moon will influence Astrology as we know it!

As the Moon symbolises your inner-self and emotions, chaos, multiplication, healing, divine shadow energy, supports gardening, intentions, manifesting, and is associated with a lot of deities like The Morrigan, Selena, Kali, and Khonsu, – to name a few – and the Sun is associated with your creativity, how you express yourself, your shine and ambition in self and is associated with Athena, Ra, Amun-Ra, Apollo, Freya, Freyr, and also influenced by the Earth which is creation, stability, and grounding, and Deities like Gaia, Terra, Demeter, Persephone, Cybele, Osiris, and Geb – what would this Quasi-Moon symbolise for us?

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