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One of Louis Abilities: Clairvoyance

Another of my Spiritual Abilities is Clairvoyance!
Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things, events, and spirits not visible to the eye and receiving/discerning downloads from spirit about situations which are hidden!
This occurs in the form of images and ‘videos’ which run through my mind when having conversations with others and when psychically reading for myself or others!
The messages include events from the past, present, and possible futures, and it’s interesting to figure out when the event or specific message occurred!
The form this takes allows me to understand or explore the situations influencing others by repeating the messages I receive to others and sometimes connecting them with pop culture references and – in readings – explaining the images or videos that are playing within my mind!
This ability is an incredible one to be able to grow and I am grateful for the ability, the only downside is sometimes the messages and downloads occur outside of readings and I have to use discernment to avoid repeating the messages to others as psychic readings require consent from both parties – and after learning that sometimes people will not respond well when you try to help them regardless of your intent, I will not repeat a message unless others come to me, are ready, and are prepared for it!
Hence why I avoid assumption and wait for others to visit me.

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