Personalised Vedic Astrology Chart



Vedic Astrology Chart which includes a North Indian Chart and a Circle Chart with information about utilising your Moon placement with the Moon Cycles and Phases.

The Chart Takes Three Business Days to Complete.

The Vedic Charts at Poet of the Star have three options: Ascendent, Sun, and Moon Chart which focuses on your ascendant, sun, and moon placements, a basic chart with brief information and basic explanation, and the full chart with more intense depth and intuitive astrology.

Vedic astrology Begins with Aries in April 16 and ends with Pisces on April the 15th.

Vedic North Indian Chart focuses on Nine Planetary Bodies and Concepts:

  1. Rahu
  2. Moon
  3. Sun
  4. Mercury
  5. Mars
  6. Venus
  7. Jupiter
  8. Saturn
  9.  Ketu

Ketu (Tail of the Dragon) and Rahu (Head of the Dragon) are two astrological placements in your chart which show where you were in past lives and what you began your life as and where you are heading towards and what brings you the most happiness and positive karma. They are also areas where you need to move away from (Ketu) and begin to become yourself (Rahu) and these also connect to your ascendent (Rahu) and descendent (Ketu).

Along with this, there are the Five Elements (Water, Fire, Air, Earth, and Spirit), the Three Gunas of Nature (Raja, Sattva, and Tamas), and Houses/Rooms.

For more information, purchase a chart and attend a workshop!

Additional information

Type of Chart

Ascendant, Moon, Sun, Basic Chart, Full Chart


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